CUBS Taekwondo Class


Taekwondo uses children's fascination with martial arts to teach them a practical, responsible self-defense program.


Taekwondo has numerous benefits for children, including improvement in gross and fine motor skills, hand/foot/eye co-ordination, balance, muscle tone, strength, cardio-vascular fitness, flexibility, concentration, focus, discipline and confidence.

With dedication and practice, kids are able to develop skills early that will help them to excel in their school work and other sports.

PANTHER Taekwondo Class

Age 8-12

Taekwondo is a fantastic channel for children to pursue in these formative years.

It instills many physical benefits, such as strength, endurance, flexibility and a high degree of martial arts skill. It also teaches children self-control and how to focus their energy in a healthy and positive way.

The dedication and performance expectations positively build character and a natural adoption of goal orientation. 

Taekwon-Do builds confidence, and  nurtures leadership qualities that can be taken into life.

ADULTS Taekwondo Class


Taekwondo is an excellent outlet for teens and adults. It is a time to focus on yourself and learn a new skill.

It is a fantastic way to build strength, fitness and flexibility, and at the same time lose unwanted weight.

Classes offer a positive environment to allow the mind to focus away from the mundane routines of daily life and have a huge stress reducing impact. Teens and adults often report doing better in school and work due to the disciplined nature of the training and the life skills that it re-enforces.

Taekwondo is an excellent way to learn self-defense skills that that may save aid in saving your, or a loved ones life. 

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